MyGoFlight Flex Bolted Half Collar Clamp [Beech Center Yoke]

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Flex Bolted Half Collar [Beech Center Yoke]- an infinitely articulating and adjustable arm with the ability to hold any iPad or device. The Bolted Yoke Half Collar Beech mount attaches directly to the retaining clamp on the center yolk arm. Simply remove the screws that hold the retaining clamp in place, install our mount on top of the retaining clamp and secure it with the original screws.

Please Note:

When installing the mount be sure to use loc-tite and lock washers to prevent any loosening from vibration.

If you need assistance determining the screws needed for your aircraft, please contact us at

Device Holders Sold Separately

  • Aluminum and Stainless Steel Construction
  • 360° Rotation of Device
  • Infinitely Adjustable
  • Vibration Minimized
  • Heads Up Viewing
  • Pilot Installable
  • Certified Shock Tested Up to 20g


Max Length: 9.5"
Min Length: 1"
Weight: 10.8 oz