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About Me

My aviation journey began in 1991 in a Cessna 152, N5356B at what was known as Tamiami Airport, KTMB. That first flight, when I pulled back on the yoke, was the beginning of a life long journey that would keep my eyes skyward forever.
While the journey began in 1991, the dream actually started as a young boy in elementary school. It was a drive and desire to soar above the clouds that still drives me today.
The Baron Pilot youtube channel began as a way to share my passion with others and has quickly developed into so much more. Now it is about promoting aviation in a positive light. To encourage the next generation to chase their dreams and to remind the older generation that it is never to late to start. Or to simply allow others to live vicariously through me. 
Join me and help me bring these adventures to every generation. Whether it be through merchandise, Patreon, sponsorship or simply sharing a video with friends and family, your support goes a long way to inspiring future aviators and bringing back memories to others.