RS Slim Clamp Mount w/ Standard 1/4-20 Threaded Adapter

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Quality all metal construction with a low profile design to keep your camera and the price low. This GoPro style mount includes a metal adapter allowing any 1/4" standard camera to attach to the GoPro mount fork.
The GoPro Slim mounts are slimmed down to a basic GoPro adapter and base. The standard 1/4" adapter is included to fit any standard camera such as Drift and Sony. This combination offers a tight 3-axis adjustment.
With the clamp base you can mount your camera to any frame, round tubing, handle, or gear leg. This all metal base clamps around any tubing 1/2"-1" diameter. Includes thumb screws with hex drives to be installed by hand or with a hex wrench. The aluminum block has countless configurations, such as with a U-bolt clamp for installs with tight clearances, with longer bolts for wide reaches, or simply bolted to a flat surface.
It is recommended to use the GoPro safe metal case eliminate the common problem of plastic cases and mounts breaking.

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