Piper PA-32 Saratoga Precut Ultra-Thins Kit

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Piper PA-32 Saratoga Precut Ultra-Thins Kit

Ultra-Thins Perform Better & Cost Less!

New for 2022 — outfit your entire PA-32 Saratoga with completely redesigned Ultra-Thins! Simply slide the precut Ultra-Thins between the interior trim and window to reduce aircraft temps by 15-25°F while blocking glare and harmful UV radiation.  This kit contains everything you need to start flying cool & protected from the summer sun, at a much lower price.

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Gold Standard Sun Protection for a Fraction of the Price

Nothing saps the enjoyment out of flying your PA-32 Saratoga for business or weekend flying adventures than hours of relentless heat beaming in from all angles. Even if your Saratoga has air-conditioning, excessive heat is still a big problem ⁠— not to mention the glare and nonstop UV exposure that is beaming in! 

New for 2022, PA-32 Saratoga Ultra-Thins solves the problem of hot, sunny trips with a totally redesigned product that will have you on cloud nine!Some of the enhancements include:

  • Withstand temps up to 200 degrees — no bubbling or blistering!
  • can be fit by any pilot, owner, or one of our dealers
  • highly-engineered, thinner material that bends and flexes

When you add Ultra-Thins to your Piper, you’ll enjoy the same UV, heat & glare-blocking performance as our flagship products at a fraction of the investment. By trimming the precut Ultra-Thins yourself, you can custom fit them to your aircraft and save time and money.  Plus, you’ll enjoy an amazing ramp presence with our mirrored tinted windows finish. Have a busy schedule? We can have a dealer install a set of Ultra-Thins while you have lunch!

Like our Jet Shades professional series products, Ultra-Thins do not attach to your aircraft windows. They sit between the aircraft trim and window so you never have to worry about costly damage due to adhesive films or suction cups that restrict window expansion and contraction during flight!

A Pilot (and Passenger) Must-Have for Hot, Sunny Flights

Ultra-Thins are thoughtfully designed with pilot and passenger comfort in mind. While other sun protection products focus mainly on blocking visible light, Ultra-Thins are built so you can enjoy complete protection without blocking your view, including:

  • 99.9% protection from harmful UVA/UVB radiation
  • up to 94% infrared heat blocked
  • as much as 80% glare reduction

This triple protection from the sun is a game-changer for:

  • individuals with fair skin and eyes
  • anyone prone to sunburn or has a history of skin cancer
  • families flying with children and pets
  • passengers who use electronic devices
  • anyone who feels uncomfortable in elevated thermal temperatures

1 Hour Install = Countless Hours of Comfort

Outfitting your PA-32 Saratoga with Ultra-Thins is quick and easy! We’ve eliminated time-consuming paper templating so you start with precut Ultra-Thins that need only minimal customization in order to achieve the perfect fit! And, fitting is a breeze since Ultra-Thins flex and bend effortlessly.

Each kit contains everything you need to fit and mount your Jet Shades Ultra-Thins. All you need is about 60 minutes and a pair of scissors. Check out our 3-step installation below, or watch our installation video:

  1. Slide the Ultra-Thins between the aircraft trim and windows.
  2. Mark and trim off any excess to achieve a perfect snug fit.
  3. Attach the mounting knobs and you’re done!

There is no STC needed, and since Jet Shades have no moving parts, you can say goodbye to paying for endless repairs of awkward mechanical visors.

Piper PA-32 Saratoga Precut Ultra-Thins Total Aircraft Kit w/Premium

Kit Includes:

  • (2) Premium Windshield Jet Shades
  • (2) Precut High-Visibility Cockpit Side Window Ultra-Thins (Pilot/Co-Pilot)*
  • (4) Precut Premium Cabin Window Ultra-Thins*
  • Optional (2) Precut Premium Baggage Window Ultra-Thins*
  • (1) Installation Kit (includes mounting knobs, hook & loop fasteners, alcohol wipes, grease pencil, stickers, instructions)
  • (1) Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Piper PA-32 Saratoga Precut Ultra-Thins Cockpit Kit w/Premium

Kit Includes:

  • (2) Premium Windshield Jet Shades
  • (2) Precut High-Visibility Cockpit Side Window Ultra-Thins (Pilot/Co-Pilot)*
  • (1) Installation Kit (includes mounting brackets, hook & loop fasteners, alcohol wipes, grease pencil, stickers, instructions)
  • (1) Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

*Ultra-Thins are precut to approximate size. Trim with sharp scissors for your perfect fit!

    Product Specifications

    • Precut pieces can be trimmed to fit Piper PA-32 Saratoga aircraft
    • Approximately 1/32 of an inch thick
    • Made from proprietary optical grade material
    • Minimizes eye strain and pilot fatigue caused by prolonged sun exposure
    • Maintains pilot & passenger comfort during high sun glare flights
    • Effortless removal with patented friction-tab design
    • Protects aircraft interior from cracking and discoloration while parked
    • Enhances ramp appeal by giving your aircraft a “tinted windows” look (darker “mirrored-windows” look Premium Upgrade)
    • Eliminates the need for removing and storing foil sun shades before and after flights
    • Two year warranty against defects in Ultra-Thin material
    • Made in the USA

    Solar Protection Specifications

    Feature Pilot/Copilot High-Visibility Cabin/Windshields Premium
    Percentage of heat BTU's blocked 58% 76%
    Percentage of Harmful UV, (both UV-A and UV-B) blocked 99.9% 99.9%
    Percentage of infrared light (heat) blocked 82% 94%
    Percentage of solar energy blocked 61% 84%
    Percentage of visible light blocked 73% 96.5%
    Reduces glare by 70% >80%
    Protection from eye strain and pilot fatigue caused by prolonged sun exposure Good Maximum
    Interior aircraft protection from cracking and discoloration while parked Good Maximum
    Ramp appeal "tinted windows" look darker "mirrored windows" look
    View from the inside Slight Bronze color for maximum visibility "Cool Blue"

    *Jet Shades are made to order, please allow additional days for delivery.