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Windshield Solution for Cessna 172
Windshield Solution for Cessna 172
Windshield Solution for Cessna 172
Windshield Solution for Cessna 172
Windshield Solution for Cessna 172
Windshield Solution for Cessna 172

Windshield Solution for Cessna 172

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Are you tired of dealing with sun glare, eyestrain, headaches, and pilot fatigue? Problem solved! The Jet Shades Windshield Solution for Cessna 172 is uniquely designed to cover the top seven inches of your windshield with optical quality polycarbonate that stops sun glare and solar energy from ruining your flight. The Jet Shades Windshield Solution is an easy 5 minute installation with no STC and fits almost every Cessna 172 windshield. Once installed, you’ll feel instant relief from the solar energy and glare beaming in from above. Say goodbye to endless repairs of mechanical visors, and start enjoying cool, comfortable flights with the heat, glare, and UV-blocking windshield solution for Cessna 172!

What’s Included

  • (1) windshield Jet Shade for Cessna 172*
  • (1) installation kit including adhesive installation brackets, velcro strips, and alcohol wipes
  • (1) microfiber cleaning cloth

*See product specifications for model compatibility.

Product Specifications

  • Fits almost all Cessna 172 aircraft. Older 172’s with VHF antennas mounted in the upper windshield will require modification to the Jet Shade by one of our authorized dealers.
  • Jet Shade dimensions: 40.25 inches x 7.25 inches
  • Blocks 99.9% harmful UV – Both UV-A and UV-B (See JAMA article on harmful effects of UV radiation for pilots)
  • Blocks 94% Infrared heat
  • Reduces glare by more than 80% for better contrast and visibility on instrument panels, smartphones and tablet devices.
  • Blocks 84% Solar Energy
  • Made from optical quality polycarbonate providing maximum cooling and glare protection
  • Minimizes eye strain and pilot fatigue caused by prolonged sun exposure
  • Maintains pilot & passenger comfort during high sun glare flights
  • Effortless removal with included quick-mount brackets
  • Protects aircraft interior from cracking and discoloration while parked
  • Enhances ramp appeal by giving your aircraft a “tinted windows” look
  • All Jet Shades removable window panels come with a two-year prorated warranty against defects in workmanship or manufacturing. 

Want More?

Have your entire 172 outfitted with Jet Shades — including rear windows and side windows — to really cool off your flights! Contact Us!

*Jet Shades are made to order, please allow additional days for delivery.