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HangarBot 4G Hub

HangarBot 4G Hub

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Start your HangarBot Smart Hangar with the essential hub unit. 

Each unit comes complete with a cellular 4G hotspot to build your smart hangar automation. 

Take HangarBot on the go or keep it mounted in your hangar with 4G connectivity and a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Make sure your Hangar is always free from unwanted guests, managed properly by the FBO, and in perfect condition every time you arrive with the HangarBot Hub.


Cellular Network:                  4G Primary (3G backup) *Based on local network availability

Operating Temperature:          -20 C to 48 C (-4 F to 118 F)

Power:                                    7' 110V AC 2 prong power cord

Size (L x W x H):                      10" x 6" x 4"

Weight:                                  1.44 lbs

Mounting:                               Magnetically mounted (other mounting options available)

Package Contents:                  1 x HangarBot Hub

                                                                    1 x User Manual