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HangarBot 4G Hub

HangarBot 4G Hub

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Control any 110V outlet with this Basic Hub. 

To utilize any of our other HangarBot devices please see our "HangarBot 4G Camera Hub"

Each unit comes complete with a cellular 4G hotspot to build your smart hangar automation.

Interested in HangarBot's Wifi capabilities? Find the data subscription that fits your needs at

Take HangarBot on the go or keep it mounted in your hangar with 4G connectivity and WiFi hotspot.

Make sure your Hangar is always free from unwanted guests, managed properly by the FBO and in perfect condition every time you arrive with the HangarBot Hub.

Technical Specifications: 

Cellular Network:

4G Primary (3G backup) *Based on local network availability

Operating Temperature:

-20 C to 48 C (-4 F to 118 F)


7' 110V AC 2 prong power cord


(L x W x H) 10" x 6" x 4"


 1.44 lbs


Magnetically mounted (other mounting options available)