Cell Phone Prop Filter Kit

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Reduce that annoying propeller effects in your video.
This filter will clip on any modern cell phone.
The clip is compatible with any FF52 Flight Flix filter.
Works with any Apple and Android cell phone.

Reduce that annoying propeller distortion when recording with your cell phone. Use Flight Flix prop filters to erase the propeller from you cell phone picture’s and videos. This filter will clip on any new gen cell phone. The clip is compatible with any FF52 filter.
Fits any model iPhone, Huawei, Samsung, and Android smartphones.

Add optional:
Standard Prop Filter
Prop Filter Variety Pack (low, medium, and high)
Gradient Filter (Half prop / half clear)
Pro Prop Filter pack (Variety pack w/ Gradient filter)

How does a prop filter work?

An HD camera image sensor is controlled by the amount of light it senses. In normal lighting conditions, the scanning frame rate of any CMOS HD camera causes any fast moving objects to move during the scanning motion (frame rate) of the camera. Our filter tricks the lens sensor into increasing the exposure value of the camera. The brighter the conditions, the stronger the filter you will require. Our ND8 filter is chosen to work well in most sunny light conditions.

Gradient Filter

Video in the cockpit is a challenge trying to balance the bright light in the windows against the low light in the cockpit. Flight Flix designed the cockpit prop filter to level the light conditions. With the top half a filter a prop filter, and the bottom half clear, your camera can stop fighting adjusting to one or the other.