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AirText LT
AirText LT
AirText LT
AirText LT

AirText LT

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Affordable, portable system for in-flight messaging

Many passengers (and pilots) want to stay connected in flight, especially on long trips. Until now, that has required over $100,000 in hardware, weeks-long installation jobs, and thousands of dollars per month in subscription fees. Not any more. AirText is an FAA-approved solution that’s both small enough and affordable enough for use in high performance piston and light turbine airplanes. The LT model in particular is small enough to work in almost any airplane.


  • Send and receive text messages in flight at any altitude
  • Uses Iridium satellite network, with coverage everywhere in the world – even on the ground
  • Up to 6 users can connect at one time, using Bluetooth
  • Each pilot and passenger has a private account – no sharing text messages
  • Smart software notifies contacts when your flight is over
  • Request and receive METARs and TAFs, anywhere in the world
  • No installation – device is the size of a cell phone and can move between aircraft
  • Free AirText app makes it easy to send and receive messages
  • Measures 4.75" x 3" x 1"

Includes: AirText LT device, zippered carrying case, portable Iridium antenna, and DC power plug.


Subscriptions: Data rates are easy and affordable. For just $300/year, subscribers enjoy 500 messages – with no monthly minimum or maximum. After that each additional message is five cents. Subscribing takes just five minutes, and instructions are included in the box.


What’s the difference?

AirText offers three models to suit different airplanes and different pilots. Choose the one that’s right for you:

  • AirText LT – 6 devices, text only, portable
  • AirText – 16 devices, text only, installed
  • AirText+ - 16 devices, text and voice, installed