Jet-Shades Window Tint



Jet Shades now makes a Universal Jet Shade for the Baron & Bonanza. Pre-order by June 22 for $100 OFF!!

As a Florida pilot, I have read many posts about window tint options. Changing the window, Static tint and some I don't even want to mention. None of which felt like very good options. So I did what worked the best. I would leave my E-Exit and back sun shades in.


While this did help tremendously, it had serious limitations. The most obvious being that I could not see out those windows. As long as I wasn't flying with passengers in the back, this wasn't a huge issue. But from time to time I did find I wish I could see out of them. Whether I was looking for traffic or just trying to soak up the scenery.


Another obvious limitation, I clearly can't leave them in the pilot & copilot windows where there were needed the most. So besides the direct sunlight/heat bearing down on me, I am pretty sure the windows made in the 70's don't offer any UV protection. I'm not sure they knew what UV was in the 70's! LOL


So while I was in dire need of a solution, I couldn't justify the money required to replace all of my windows with tinted/smoked glass and there just wasn't any options I liked.


While I was at Sun N Fun, I walked the hanger displays at least 5-6 times. It took me that many trips around the hangers before I realized what I had been walking past. There was a small booth from a company named Jet-Shades. Now based on the name I assumed they didn't have anything for me. After all I don't fly a jet and their name and display only show jets. But after my fifth time walking past them I decided to stop and talk to them and low and behold their products were not just for jets. They are for all airplanes.


So what does Jet Shades have to do with window tint? As it turns out, the guy who started the company was flying around in a Eclipse Jet in Florida and had the same issues I did. He was tired for feeling the heat coming into the cockpit through the windows. Only he was a little smarter then I am and he came up with a solution to the problem. Must be his engineering background, but he wasn't taking no as an answer. So they are not shades. At least not in the sense of window shades like we use when we are parked on the ramp. They are a custom cut tinted polymer insert designed to be inserted and removed from your windows as needed.


They are not made of plexiglass, so you don't have to worry about them shattering and splintering in an accident. While the original design went through a TSO process and was approved by the FAA, it is not required as they are temporary removable objects.


Why am I telling you all this? No I do not have any affiliation or financial interests in the company. But my order did arrive and I installed them today and I love them. I thought it was too good not to share. As you can see from the pictures they look great too. As a new company they are still building their database of window dimensions and interiors that have been modified may need additional measuring as well. So even if they haven't made one for your model airplane they are willing to measure yours and custom cut them for your aircraft.


So before you replace your windows or sweat through the summer, check them out at or visit them at OSH. You will also be able to see them in my future youtube videos as I don't plan on taking them out anytime soon.

Coupon Code:  BARONPILOT

Enter code BARONPILOT during checkout to get $50 off any Jet Shades Set of $500 or more.

(Excludes accessories. Cannot be applied with any other coupon. Limit 1 use per customer. Offer expires September 30, 2018.)




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