Grand Opening Sale

Many of my subscribers kept asking for Baron Pilot merchandising, so here it is!! As a special thank you for your continued support I am offering a Pre-Order Sale. But you wont wait long as Shirts will begin shipping next week!!

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  • How do I purchase either a hat or t shirt ?

    Rob Howe
  • Hi there, enjoying your videos. I have a Baron B55 looks similar to yours but I think a bit earlier, taxi light in nose, what is your year. Had a new King gps fitted which is a disaster don’t let anyone ever buy one. I love flying my Baron. Regards from Australia Doug

    DOUG Drummond
  • 2 iPad’s?? What’s the iPad in the middle linked to you’re navigator; that’s pretty cool stuff man; neat set up!!!!

    Harold W. Gough
  • Hey Kris, what’s up man? Love
    you’re site, I’m finishing up my multi in the BE55; that’s how I found you’re channel, surfing for 55 videos. Question? Where do you mount you’re Stratus, are you using Stratus?

    Harold W. Gough

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