Coffee for GA Aircrafts

If you are en espresso drinker like I am then you struggle with finding espresso on a regular basis. If I have time and there happens to be one nearby I can stop at a local Starbucks for my preflight espresso. But what happens when I do not have time to stop. Or I am in a small town without a Starbucks nearby? Sure there is always coffee at the FBOs. Even gas stations have coffee. The problem I have is that I just don't drink regular coffee. As much as I have tried, I never developed a taste for regular coffee. Sure when I'm tired I have tried to suck it up and force myself to drink it. Truth be told, I have never really been able to drink more then a sip or two. 

So what have I been doing on long days or early mornings for a boost of energy? I've been drinking 5hr Energy. While it may be better then energy drinks, have you read the ingredients? I can't even pronounce have the ingredients, let alone know what they are. That can't possibly be the best option for me but it was my only option.

Then I had a conversation with a fellow espresso drinker who mentioned in passing about the portable espresso maker. Wait what? A portable espresso maker? How does that work? Ok, I must look into this! 

So after a search on the internet I discovered what I consider to be a game changer. Handpresso makes a portable espresso maker that can be plugged into a 12/24 volt cigarette lighter outlet. 12/24volt!! That means it will work both in my car and in my 24 volt airplane! There are two versions depending on what coffee you prefer. As a Nespresso user at home, I already have Nespresso capsules so my choice was obvious. 

After a quick online order my unit arrived at my front door waiting for me to test it out. So I quickly opened the box, went out to the car and make my first cup. So what did I think? GAME CHANGER!! Never again will I stress over finding a Starbucks on my way to the airport or finding one on a layover. On long flights this may be handy as well. Although I would recommend having a passenger make it so it does not become a pilot distraction. 


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