Camera Mounts and Accessories

As a YouTuber, I am always looking at cameras etc to help me improve my videos. But as a YouTuber that posts flying videos, my options are limited and the quality of my mounts etc are even more critical. Not only do I have to worry about vibrations and limited mounting locations, but I have to take into consideration the safety of people on the ground. I also have limited access to my cameras and need to maintain my focus on flying rather then worrying about a camera or it's mounts.

At Sun N Fun this year, I found FlightFlix, a small company started by a fellow pilot who understands the issues with recording flying videos. From mounts to cameras, you has many options for the pilot wanting to improve his or her videos.

While speaking with him, I mentioned the many inquiries I receive from my viewers on what mounts I am using. It was during this conversation I was able to convince FlightFlix to offer my viewers a discount code. So visit and enter the discount code VidPilot18 to receive $18 OFF ANY ORDER

You can rest assure that I will be using that code myself as I change out all of my mounts for improved mounting.





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