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StrongBags Pro EFB Canadian Ice Cooler
StrongBags Pro EFB Canadian Ice Cooler
StrongBags Pro EFB Canadian Ice Cooler

StrongBags Pro EFB Canadian Ice Cooler

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This is the cooler with the versatility you need. The Pro EFB Canadian Ice Cooler has the perfect balance between cold storage space and convenient pockets. The top pocket is large enough to fit an iPad with PIVOT case, a Telex 850 Headset/Bose QC15/20, AND regular-sized phone and other small items. The bottom of the cooler is reinforced with hard durable edging and has triangular foot pads for increased durability.

  • Waterproof, ultra-durable Cordura Ballistic Nylon fabric
  • Extra large, insulated food/tote compartment


  1. Chill or freeze your food prior to your trip.  This will greatly extend your ice retention.  Ice works harder and melts faster to chill warm food.  It’s much easier to keep food chilled and cold rather than exhausting the ice to chill warm contents.
  2. Use our recommended ice bagWe have tested numerous methods of keeping food chilled for longer periods of time and found that the commonly known headache bags work the best.  Our ice bag is tailored with our cooler bag in mind. It fits perfectly in our cooler bags, is leakproof, and has a wide mouth to add ice easily.
  3. More is better than less.  Use as much ice as possible.  Keep the air inside the cooler to a minimum as this will add to your ice retention..  Remember that warm air will accelerate the ice melt and diminish the ice much faster.  
  4. Limit access.  Zip the cold storage lid closed right after you take your food contents out.  This will maximize ice retention. Try to limit access to two or 3 times a day.  This has an enormous effect on your ice retention.
  5. Larger cubes is better than smaller cubes.  There is more scientific cooling power with larger blocks of ice.  The same mass of 1 block of cubed ice vs. smaller chunks or grinded ice will last much longer.

Following these guidelines…Tests show that a 1.5” block of ice will stay in a solid state for 24-48 hours! (8-12 hours when opening main cold storage area multiple times during this time period)