Socata TB20 Trinidad Windshield Solution

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Socata TB20 Trinidad Windshield Solution

The Pilot’s Choice for Cool, Comfortable & Safer Flights!

Looking for complete protection from dangerous solar radiation? Forget the hassle of makeshift hacks that just don’t work. Designed by a pilot for pilots, Jet Shades solves the problem of hot, sunbaked flights. Now you can say goodbye to skin-damaging UV exposure, glare headaches, and sweat-soaked clothes —and enjoy the thrill of flying!

Experience Instant Relief, Max Sun Protection & Safer Flights

Our premium Jet Shade for the Socata TB20 Trinidad upper windshield is formulated with a proprietary blend of optical quality polycarbonate that significantly reduces and equalizes cockpit temperature by blocking 94% infrared heat, 84% solar energy, and 96.5% visible light — solving one of the biggest complaints pilots experience when flying during peak sunlight time when the sun is beaming in from above.

Jet Shades 99.9% UVA and UVB protection is a pilot’s best defense against solar radiation that damages skin and causes skin cancer.

Plus, with more than 80% glare reduction coming in from above, pilots fly safer feeling less fatigue and improved visibility for spotting traffic and viewing instruments.

5-Minute Install, No STC = Countless Hours of Comfort

Precision-fit for the Socata TB20 Trinidad, you’ll be flying in no time after our easy 5-minute install! The best part? There is no STC needed, and since Jet Shades have no moving parts, you can say goodbye to awkwardly moving visors around or paying for endless repairs of mechanical visors.

The Jet Shades windshield solution covers the entire width and the top seven inches of the windshield making this sunshade look like part of your aircraft. Pilots fly in comfort feeling instant relief from the solar energy and glare beaming in from above.

What’s Included

Your Socata TB20 Trinidad Windshield Solution comes with:

  • 1 Premium Jet Shade 
  • 1 installation kit including installation brackets, velcro strips, and alcohol wipes.
  • 1 microfiber cleaning cloth

Product Specifications

  • Fits Socata Trinidad TB20 models
  • Color: Mirrored reflective finish on exterior, cool blue interior
  • Blocks 99.9% UVA and UVB radiation
  • Blocks 94% Infrared heat
  • Reduces glare by more than 80% for better contrast and visibility on instrument panels, smartphones and tablet devices.
  • Blocks 84% Solar Energy
  • Blocks 96.5% Visible Light
  • Made from optical quality polycarbonate providing maximum cooling and glare protection
  • Quick mount brackets for effortless removal
  • All Jet Shades come with a two year warranty against defects in workmanship or manufacturing
  • Made in the USA
  • FAA Approved

*Jet Shades are made to order, please allow additional days for delivery.