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On-board texting for up to 16 people

Many passengers (and pilots) want to stay connected in flight, especially on long trips. Until now, that has required over $100,000 in hardware, weeks-long installation jobs, and thousands of dollars per month in subscription fees. Not any more. AirText is an FAA-approved solution that’s both small enough and affordable enough for use in high performance piston and light turbine airplanes.


  • Send and receive text messages in flight
  • Uses Iridium satellite network, with coverage everywhere in the world – even on the ground
  • Up to 16 users can connect at one time, using Bluetooth
  • Each pilot and passenger has a private account – no sharing text messages
  • Smart software notifies contacts when your flight is over
  • Request and receive METARs and TAFs, anywhere in the world
  • Convenient one pound box is fast and easy to install – requires power and Iridium antenna connection
  • FAA approved hardware

Data plans

$300/year includes 1000 text messages. Additional messages are 5 cents each. Contact AirText upon receipt of hardware to finalize subscription.